Custom Subscribe Actions

Ray Li

I have just purchased MailWizz and got everything installed. Hopefully, they are installed correctly!
Please let me know if the following functionality is possible or not.
1. I have embedded the form in my website. I do not want users to be taken to another page once they have subscribed. Instead, I just want to display a message or turn the subscribe form into "Thank you for subscribing!"
2. I do not want to use the default page template that is opened after the user subscribes because it does not match the look of my website. Is it possible to redirect to my own custom "Subscription confirmed" page?

The reason I ask for the above functionality is because it is offered by all email newsletter companies such as MailChimp or EmailMeForm.
Thank you for letting me know. If the above functionality is not possible, please add a basic redirect ability. It should not be too difficult to incorporate.
@Ray Li - Hi, both things are pretty much possible.
1) This means custom integration and can be done via API. See
2) There's an extension in backend > extend > extensions, called "list form custom redirect". Enable it, then go to your specific list then to list pages and you'll see you can enter a url and timer in the confirmation page.
Thank you for providing the answers to my questions. I had a hunch that such basic options were available somewhere. Good to know that I was right! :p