Custom redirect


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hello, I need cutom redirect(instead of location) after clicking to tracking link. How can I change it ?
e.g javascript or META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH"
What files I should modify ?
Why don't you set your tracking links to whatever destination you want from the start?
What you try to accomplish here?

Also: please see this.
Thanks for answer. Im need change redirect and not to impair the functionality. Can I modify file with redirect for me?
If you need to do it, you can do it from an extension or by creating a file named init-custom.php in the apps folder with following content in it:
Yii::app()->hooks->addAction('frontend_campaigns_after_track_url_before_redirect', function(Controller $controller, Campaign $campaign, ListSubscriber $subscriber, CampaignUrl $url){
}, 1000);
So the above will redirect to all the tracking url after the tracking happens. So instead to redirect to the url from the campaign, they all will redirect to
twisted1919, thanks for answer! The last question.
How to make $controller->redirect to {tracking_domain}/redir.php?{real_url_from_campany}