Custom List page types


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I could create a custom webpage and call them through a campaign or a custom tag?
On Customer > Lists > "List name" > Forms you find subscribe form, and simply add that form or you can use iframe:
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It's not my need. I would like create a new page inside MW and reach from a campaign link ( eg. click here ) or through a custom tag linked in a campaing ( another click here link ).
Another way, i could create a custom html file ? Where i must save a custom html file in MW dir tree ?


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@nemesis82 - You can try and see if the "Pages" feature inside mailwizz help. If they don't, then you should be able to create a custom folder and place your custom html files inthere. The custom folder can live in the root directory of the application, on same level as the apps/ folder, and call it in a way it doesn't conflict with existing pages, i.e: not customer / backend / api etc, but something like my-pages for instance.