Custom Fields Sync Setting



I stumbled into "custom fields sync" option in Settings -> Cron -> Subscriber settings.

Sounded just like what I needed but not sure it works? Do I need to add another cron job for this option?

I got 2 lists. A and B. I've sent a campaign to the whole list A and set "copy subscriber into new list B when opened" And that works. Wuh.

But the problem is that it did not copy all the custom fields from list A with it to list B. Only the first 3 in order(Email, First name, and last name) And some of them got messed up even. So it took custom field 4 into custom field 3. So some of my subscribers last name are currently their birthday :(

So I need my 3 last customs fields copied into list B and thought that the "custom fields sync" would do the job. But nothing seems to be happening.

Am I missing something here @twisted1919 ? :D
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@Emil - This sounds like an issue. Do you use latest app version?
Open a support ticket and include backend url and login to your app and some ftp access so i can check this.

I also use this feature but i dont have a problem with it in terms of the Data being in the wrong order. If you want all the data to transfer including Custom Fields then MAKE SURE that the list you've selected to copy the data to has the same Custom Field Name otherwise it wont copy that information over (thats how i found out).

It would be good if MW would copy all the data automatically even if the custom field doesnt exisit in the list its copying to but it doesnt. Maybe having MW create the custom field in the list its copying to if it doesnt exisit will make this work fine.
Yeah. Think we got it solved by a mistake on my end somewhere

The data have been messed on up some contacts somehow, so trying to figure out where atm.