Custom Field Sync Issues


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I've got MailWizz set up and working well, but I'm having an issue with syncing custom field data.

I've enabled the custom field sync feature in Settings > Cron Subscriber Settings > Custom Field Sync.

I've set up the MaxMind Geolocation database, and I have a subscriber who has been given pretty accurate geolocation data (screenshot 1).

On my list, I've added hidden geolocation fields with [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_COUNTRY], [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_STATE] AND [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_CITY] default values (screenshot 2).

The daily clean/sync cron has just run...and yet I still have [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_COUNTRY], [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_STATE] AND [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_CITY] showing in the subscriber fields (screenshot 3) - even though MailWizz already has the correct info.

Not sure what's going on there but any help would be appreciated.


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Does it do the same for new subscribers as well? Or that works just fine and what fails is mailwizz catching up with old subscribers?
@laurentiu - can you please look into this and see if you can reproduce it?
Well weird. I tried without adding [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_COUNTRY] tags to the default value and of course nothing appeared in the fields. But when I add those default tags, they literally get parsed as the geo values.

I've gone through the whole test subscribe process again and will wait until the daily cron runs at midday tomorrow to see what happens. If it's not resolved I might have to get you guys to take a look.

It's worth noting that I'm submitting data to MailWizz via the Layered Popups plugin. it may be worth speaking to the author of that plugin as well if there is indeed an issue.

Regardless, if [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_COUNTRY], [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_STATE] AND [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_CITY] are present, then surely they should be replaced with the actual geo values that MailWizz holds when the cron next runs.

Awesome software though, by the way. I'm still digging into it but the features are pretty amazing it must be said.
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@Amazemaker - if your data comes from LayeredPopups for example, then that might be the issue, do they send any value for those fields? Because those fields might get populated with empty values and mailwizz simply ignores this since it believes you know better, since you're using the api. So let's start from here, see what they say, tell us, and we'll check further.
Meanwhile, @laurentiu let's run the tests via API and see if we can reproduce this. Ping me in the morning for this.
No, all it sends over is the IP address. Depending on the form, I'm mapping two fields in Layered Popups to the MailWizz list - first name and email. That all works fine, it's just the geolocation stuff that's messing up.

I'll check it again tomorrow and see what's cooking. The Layered Popups dev is pretty responsive so that will be my next port of call.
OK so a quick update on this: I've been carrying out some general optimisation and speed improvements to several of my sites over the past few days, and I upgraded the server that MailWizz is installed on. I've just checked the site now that the daily cron has run...and the fields have been populated correctly. Maybe the cron wasn't completing its execution? Seems to be fine now.

This test was carried out as follows:

1) Geolocation custom fields were added to the list, but the [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_COUNTRY], [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_STATE] AND [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_CITY] were omitted.
2) I created a test subscriber via a layered popups form submission on another site, and of course the geolocation fields were empty (as expected).
3) I then added the [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_COUNTRY], [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_STATE] AND [SUBSCRIBER_GEO_CITY] default tags after the fact.
4) When the daily cron ran, it updated the fields with the correct geolocation data it had stored.

Now that the default tags are in the list fields, the final test will be to create a subscriber and see what values are inserted into the fields.

Fingers crossed, it seems to be working OK now. Thanks for the assistance.