custom field mass update


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Hi, I imported some data (60k mails) and I need to set a default value for a custom field. I know I can't via panel, my question is if I can use the API for update a user (I can't see any example on github) or maybe a manual sql query to paste in phpmyadmin :) thanks
@Frank - you can use phpmyadmin and look in the mw_list_field table and identify the field and properly update the default_value column.
You can also try setting a default value from the list custom fields area.
However, all the above will only work for frontend list display. If you need that default value in a campaign, you'd better use a filter like:
[TAGNAME:filter:defaultValue(Whatever value)]. This would make sure you don't have to update 60k rows of data but instead just use a default value if that field does not have any.
hhmmm if i set just the default value this will be ok for new users, i need to update the already imported users and set the values for the custom field which is null right now.
btw...via api i can only subscribe a user? no update or unsubscribe method?