cURL Error Certificate sending campaign


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I have just tried for the first time to run a campaign and also if on customer side show that it is sent, it reports an error in the backend in the email log list:

Error executing "SendRawEmail" on ""; AWS HTTP error: cURL error 77: error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt CApath: none (see

Is a misconfiguration of the server or what this could be ?

@Tom11 - Seems like a local issue with your curl setup, best is to take this to your hosting, they should know what to do.
If you are on a VPS, try upgrading the packages and change php version to a newer one.
@twisted1919 I actually don't think is server related, if i try from console to curl i have no issues, and i have no issues as well to send test emails from campaigns.
I run this on a VPS, WHM on AWS, all packets are updates and no issues SSL wise on any domain.
Could be some php setting or so ? But that doesnt explain the test emails i guess anyway.

Ps: maybe should be reported on the customer page and campaign stats that the email failed to send, from customer point of view there's no errors at all