CSV Importing Error


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@twisted1919, While importing I'm receiving error:

CSV File
This might be UTF-8, but I don't understand it at byte 27​

Text File
Prohibited input U+000000A0​
@twisted1919, I've not updated as yet. Is there any significant changes done? Specific files updated?

Also how can I remove bounce reporting button from customers side?
@twisted1919, Upgraded to new version. What is Added ability for CKEditor extension to set the theme for file manager?

To optimise system. What records can be deleted?
@twisted1919 Thanks for your reply. The thing is we're using sendgrid web API but the thing is in reporting there are so many delivery errors with status GIVEUP. What is the meaning?
@AC AFD - This means the application gave up trying to send that particular email.
You can see the reason why it did so in backend > misc > campaign deliver log, most likely some issue with the smtp server returning errors.