Cron jobs are configured but now working in Virtual/webmin

I am migrating my mailwizz to digitalocean vps I instal virtualmin on Centos6.5 and migrate all my sql and backup file to that server and mailwizz working fine. But there is only one issue when i try to send email from my any server either mailgum or ses it stuck in "Pending-sending" status

I have check the php which is in /usr/bin/php -v i also check the absoulute path of console.php which is also correct i setup all the cron job through ssh login in virtualmin attaching the image of cron job schedule you will see all cron jobs are added but still mailwizz is unable to send any campaign.

And All the server are verfied also attaching their pictures also. Literally i am unable to understand the problem. Please Help me out

Sheikh Shaheryar Ali


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Search the forum for "pending-sending" lots of solutions to that particular issue. I would say that Centos 6.5 is probably not the best linux verssion. If you want to use it update the PHP version for starters. You can search the forum for links on how to do that as well.