Creating segments from field with no value


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Is there a way to create a segment of subscribers that have blank values for a specific field? I tried leaving the value field blank but it won't let me do that.

I'm usually really good at finding this stuff before coming to the forums. I'm not seeing the i icon on that page for me. I'm using an old version right now ( but it looks like this was made available on version 1.3.5

I tried [EMPTY] but that didn't work for me.
[EMPTY] was added in a newer version i believe, so maybe that's the reason why it does not work in your case...
Just keep in mind the scenario where you have subscribers in a list and then you add a custom field.
Then those existing subscribers don't have that custom field at all, so using [EMPTY] doesn't make any difference.
In newer versions of the app we took care of this issue by running a cron job automatically and adding the missing fields for all subscribers, but your version surely doesn't have this.
Hi @twisted1919

We've encountered a number of issues with our segmentation. We're using the latest version of mailwizz. Yet, [EMPTY] is not working.

We have the field GEO-campaign_sent. Some contacts have a value in that field and some don't. We want to target those that don't. We created a segment with the condition in which that field is [EMPTY]. Yet, the output gives 0 counts.

Same happens when we use "contains" instead of "is". And, also when we try the condition where the value doesn't start with "20" since all all the filled values in that field start with "20".

Yet, we're unable to segment those that have blank values in that field.

We can't use the condition inside a campaign since the values are filled based of the campaigns sent in past. It's legacy data.
@mailmole - could you please try to sync the custom fields values by enabling the feature from backend > settings > cron > custom fields sync:
Screenshot 2019-06-26 12.36.12.png
When you do this, mailwizz saves into the database empty values so you can segment your list properly.
The cron job that does this work is triggered once a day, BUT you can also call it manually in case you don't want to wait:
php -q apps/console/console.php sync-lists-custom-fields --verbose=1
You can also add it as a new cron job to run each 30 minutes or so.