Creating a translation and changing date formats


I need to make a minor British English translation, I'll only need to change a few text strings, words like customization changed to customisation, color to colour etc.
As part of this I also need to change the date format displayed to dd/mm/yy since that's the way we do things. For things like where it says "Date added"
Could you give me some advice on the simplest way to do these?
@bolty - you could try to create a new language from backend > extend > languages, like:
Screenshot 2018-06-28 10.25.57.png
Then via FTP, the files for transations will be stored in /apps/common/messages/en_gb (create it if not exists).
You can generate all translations files at once from command line, see

What this will allow you, is to translate the strings but also to use date/time/numbers/etc formatting for GB.