Created Segments All Custom Fields are empty



Step:-1 I have Created Segments All Custom Fields are empty. Check-

Step:-2 But Only two Record are display. Check –

Step:-3 My subscriber list display for Multiple result check -

Step:-4 I have tried everything operator in match columns. I think the issue is due to custom fields beinf created AFTER emails were imported
I check the database. Can you tell me which tables store email id and cutom fields? I will accordingly create query to find relevant information
@developer - that is exact the reason, if you create custom fields after the subscribers have been added in the list, those existing subscribers will not have the fields.
The table that store the main subscriber info is list_subscriber and the fields are stored in list_field table and the values in list_field_value table.

I have created a query and identified around 42k emails that are stale.

I am thinking to run an update query to change status from confirmed to unsubscribed

I want to confirm whether this will have any negative effect on mailwhizz functioning since I will make changes to DB directly?