Create new customer process


Sorry @twisted1919 , another dumb question but i cant find any info on this process.

Creating a new customer manually... firstly we dont want to use the sign up form as thats not our type of service, every customer will be added manually by an admin and given access.

So, we create a customer account.. all pretty straight forward... until we get to Status..

Can someone explain what Pending confirm and pending active is please.

Obviously i could mark a customer as Active straight away but what we really want is to create a customer account, not set a password and an email is sent to the customer with an activation link asking them to finish the setup. In my world this would be pending active but we have tried that ( and pending confirm ) and we are not receive any emails.

Does the system even send an new customer email out ? If not is what i have explained above possible?

@Rod Rayner - Your understanding is correct. Except we are sending those emails during the signup process, so even if you change your those statuses, no email goes out, it's just too late at that stage.
Sorry @twisted1919 i dont really follow. what do you mean by "during the sign up process"?

As we are creating the customer manually should an email go out when we click on save no matter what status we set ?

Thing is, mailwizz has it's own registration process and the emails go out during this process.
When you are in the backend area editing the customer, no email will go out, as the system is designed to send these emails in the registration step.
Oh OK, thats no problem.. just more of a case of understanding really. If the system cant send an email out during a manual setup of a customer we will just have to do it ourselves :)

Just out of interest what is the URL for the sign up form.. all we have is the direct link to customer and backend.

@Rod - You can enable the registration from backend > settings > customers > registration. Then visit the app as a guest, in customer area, and you will see that the login form now has a register button ;)
Excellent... so much to learn.... the system has so many features its going to take a while but i think we are pretty much there now. Even have the API collecting user info from our SQL Db and creating lists in MW.

Thanks for the speedy responses, much appreciated.