Create campaigns in DRAFT mode from the API


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I am looking for a way to create campaigns from the API but not send them just yet. I simply would like them to remain in draft mode until someone manually schedule them in Mailwizz. Can't find any way to do it (since the "send_at" parameter is required in the API). Any suggestions?

Many thanks!
@Robin - unfortunately you can't do this via the API yet, sorry for that.
You can schedule it in the future, like over 10 years for example, this way your staff members will know they need to edit it.
Hi @twisted1919, thank you. However while waiting for your response I looked in the code and tried adding 'status' => 'draft' with my API request call and it actually worked. I could also select a campaign group this way (by adding group_uid) even though these aren't documented parameters. Do you see any problems with using the API like this? (Also, I love answering my own questions ;))
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Do you see any problems with using the API like this?
The reason they are not documented is because we haven't decided if this should be allowed from the api or not, so instead of blocking things, we simply left them "hidden". We have yet to decide, but if it works for you, then that's nice, keep using it.