CPU usage high


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Hi there.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I got this from my service provider yesterday (showing a couple of these, the 56 is the cpu % usage):
Sep 06th 56 /usr/bin/php-cli -q /home/thetraff/public_html/wizzit/apps/console/console.php send-campaigns

I have a small 400 user list with an email every now and then with a mail every day when promoting like last week

Thx Kin.

That 56% can be 56 out of 200mhz or can be 56% out of 1Ghz or out of 3Ghz, depending on how much your hosting assigned to your account, thus it isn't really a great way to measure things.
Does the campaign you are sending now contains a more complex template? (parsing can take cpu)
What PHP version are you using?
Are you using swiftmailer or phpmailer to send the emails? Swiftmailer will usually eat more memory and it's the default mailer because it's more robust. You could pause your campaigns, disable your delivery server, go to Backend -> Settings -> Common, switch to PHPMailer, then revalidate the delivery server and see if the issue gets fixed like so.

Other than the above, i don't really have that many advices.
The service provider, Arvixe send me an email on my CPU usage complaining. I am not very happy with them at all lately. I noticed ssl cert issues as well as caching problems.

Anyway, I will try your suggestions but I think the thing for me to do is move to someone like bluehost or something.

I will request ssh access later today as well and let you know if I came up with anything else.