control panels for mailwizz

What's the best Control Panel for MailWizz? (1st security; 2nd speed, 3rd convenience/features

  • CentOS Web Panel

  • cPanel WHM

  • DirectAdmin

  • ISPconfig

  • Kloxo

  • Plesk

  • SysCP

  • vDeck

  • VestaCP

  • VirtualMin WebMin

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The poll probably does not have all control panels out there,
so feel free to post whatever could be added.

While it is possible to take into account that some are free,
it seems most important are
#1 security of the email database and the app,
#2 speed of sending and database operation, and
#3 convenience and features of each panel
(above order is of course open for discussion) ;)
Not sure if assumptions are good or bad... ;) you think/feel one could assume most mailwizz users are rather marketers/mailers and probably not so much server admins (even if just looking at their time spent)?
OK, but do you think that marketers want to even deal with things about which you write? They want to send. And things like: security of the email database and the app ora speed of sending and database operation - this should deal with the admin, not users.
Well, it seems to be a bit in the middle, also judging by the questions on the forum, many MW users might be handling several things:
the MW app, the marketing, content, products, and the underlying technology/servers/etc.
I personally like doing things from command line, it simply allows you to be in more control.
however, lately i have found myself using plesk a lot because it makes things very simple and i can focus on other things.
The best solution is the lack of panel - more resources for applications ;)
I second that. A server edition linux os with only required software stack installed should definitely be the best performer. IP tables + SELinux gives maximum security from Linux perspective - use something like CSF for better management. Selection and tuning of softwares/tools is another important thing. If all in place, then you're immortal :D