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Hey guys,

Mailwizz development is now opened to anyone who is interested to contribute, and i think this can open the door to great collaborations and awesome new features.

A few simple reasons why you would contribute:
--- you find yourself that you ask for a feature and it takes too long to get implemented, then you can add it yourself or get help into adding it.
--- you find yourself having issues after upgrades because you have changed core files to meet your needs, then you can contribute with these changes into mailwizz core so that future updates don't break your app.
--- you need to add new hooks into the system so that your super mega extension will hook into them and add some great functionality for your own extensions.
--- you need to alter a core extension/functionality to improve overall things for your use case.

If you are interested to contribute, you need to be a great php developer, comfortable using:
1) PHP (5.2 up to 7)
2) Mysql - InnoDB Storage Engine
3) Apache / Nginx
4) Linux OS
5) Git / Github (all development happens here)
6) Css / Html / Javascript / jQuery
7) Yii Framework

You'll also need to sign a nda, just to make sure we stay on the legal side with all of these.
If you are into it, just PM me via my profile and i'll make sure you get all the info you need.

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