Connection fail

Make sure there is no firewall that blocks the connection and that the port you insert is the right port that is opened for connections.
That's what i mean.. And all port showing open on open port checker.. Any other suggestion?


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Gotcha, then this is simple, just contact your hosting and tell them you try to connect on that hostname, using that port and that you get a connection timeout. They will tell you if the outgoing connections to that port are blocked and if they can open them for you.
My hosting provider can connect to the server with the port.. Maybe it's firewall.. I still waiting for the answer how to fix it.. Or maybe you can tell how to disable this firewall so i can connect to the server too :D
My hosting provider couldn't find the error.. The hosting package came in default setting which is, this is how i got it when i first installed without any problem..

Edit : However they still further debugging the error
I manage to find the problem.. The weird problem is i change email password and hostname can be validated now.. The reason why i notice this is because of i use & at earlier of password and also can't even login backend..