Connection could not be established with host Connection refused #111]


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I setup mailwizz to my standard hosting and script is working but my problem is
1. Same hosting SMTP verification is working but not email sending,
2. Another SMTP server completely not working (not sending verification email) and I'm getting that error

++ Starting Swift_SmtpTransport
!! Connection could not be established with host [Connection refused #111]
I need help for this.

Also every SMTP setup is correct and I try that settings with php SMTP email sender and working. Mailwizz version

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i think this has been discussed several times, but if you get a connection refused message it means you are enetering either a wrong port, or a wrong protocol.
This message comes directly from the remote server, which tells you you need to correct things.
Hello Twisted1919,

First of all thank you for your answer but "I try same settings with PHP - SMTP email sender script and working."
Also with same settings Roundcube Email Manager is working too. (Roundcube use SMTP).
Do have any Idea?

@Ned ,

I can only tell you what the error message says, if other scripts work and they are located on same server where mailwizz is, then mailwizz will work too, given proper settings.
You can add the smtp settings details to the support ticket you have opened and i can try them too.