Confirmed user actions after click-through


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The following scenario:
We used to work a lot with one-click actions: recipient clicks on a particular link and through "Change subscriber custom field on link clicked", we changed a custom field for later segmentation. Since open and click-throughs have become highly unreliable (Apple's MPP and Google's proxy caching etc.), we would need those click-throughs to have an extra step before being carried back to the database as a custom field change. I checked some recent examples and the results are glaringly obvious: the translation of one-click user actions is definitely inaccurate and therefore unreliable.

What we'd need:
On a landing page, these actions would need to be confirmed by the user. I.e. an extra click on the landing page to confirm that they "definitely want to receive extra job alerts from now on" etc. Like a double opt-in.

Here's what it would look like:
Page (7).png

What's the best solution for this scenario?
  • How can the user data be fed back to the database and trigger a custom field change?
  • It's important to our clients, that we can build those landing pages on their (WordPress-driven) websites, not in the raw MW user profile environment, which isn't really visually flexible enough.
  • We need these actions quite regularly and frequently for self-segmentation and zero-party data creep, so a built-in solution would be much more efficient than a manual, code-heavy operation.

We are a bunch of creatives - not really developers. So for a webhook-type solution, I'd need help.
Or is this something easier done than it appears?