Confirmation Email from Company Email


How could I setup the Confirmation Email to have the FROM field the email of the Company?? and not the System Administrator email?
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if (is_object($object) && $object instanceof Lists && !empty($object->default)) {
                $params['fromName'] = $object->default->from_name;
                $params['from']     = array($object->default->from_email => $object->default->from_name);
                $params['sender']   = array($object->default->from_email => $object->default->from_name);
                $params['replyTo']  = array($object->default->from_email => $object->default->from_name);
                $customer_id = $object->customer_id;
                $fromEmail   = $object->default->from_email;
So it should use your list defaults as you have set them in your list settings.
Hi, but when I send a test email it is not going like that!!! Just the FROM NAME is correct.....the FROM EMAIL is my administrator email.
Maybe is because I'm in impersonification mode??
Maybe is because I'm in impersonification mode??
No, it has nothing to do with this.

maybe post a screenshot with your list settings (include the email part) and the delivery server that you use (the edit screen).
Okay so you say the error comes for a confirmation email and you have posted a test campaign ?
What's the deal with this ?
Hi, OK. Now here it its the ScreenShot of my List Settings / Confirmation Email / Delivery SettingsCaptura de Tela 2015-04-14 às 07.16.50.png Captura de Tela 2015-04-13 às 11.29.57.png Captura de Tela 2015-04-13 às 11.29.27.png
I think we're on to something, is there any chance you can provide me full headers from that email ?
If so, PM me with them ;)