Confirm double opt-in?

Hi all,

I have a lists of emails which has opt-in 1 year ago. Now i want to confirm their subscription by sending an email requesting them to confirm that they still want to receive our newsletters.

How is that done in mailwizz? :)

Hello Thomas,

One things is : You can send a campaign with email content that if you want to not receive our email, then unsubscribe from our list. And also give Subscribers Update preference to update their status to receive email and also Direct Unsubscribe link to remove from list.
Hi Vpul,

Thanks for the suggestion.
But i dont think that would give en expected result.

What i would like to is to have people to re-double opt-in, so only people who opt-in again is active on our list.
Does that makes sense? :D

Is that possible ?
Other way is possible but its little lengthy process.

Like : As you do with a Fresh new Import list and run it to double opt-in, same way you have to do again.
If i reimport the list, and set the lists as double opt-in will mailwizz then automatically sent a confirmation email to the subscriber asking them to confirm the signup?

Could you please guide me through the process, as i am uncertain how i should do it :)
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