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Hello to every one.

is there way i can share List of Users.

No. 1
Suppose user1 created List that name List2

is there way user1 list can share to User2.

I think this is not good approach to share but it is just a question.

No. 2
Send mail to multi List we need to do snc the lists and then send to list which sinc for multi list
but this can be done if there is option to select List in campaign section.

I will give five start out of five. it is wounderfull.


For #1 -
No, sharing lists between the customer isn't possible, nor it should.
A customer register and brings in his own lists from his own site where subscribers specifically opted-in for that particular customer.
Sharing lists would mean breaking the can-spam law and privacy, etc.

For #2 -
If you enable sending for multiple lists from Backend -> Settings -> Customers -> Campaigns or from Campaigns tab of certain customer group, then in the final step of the campaign setup, mailwizz will merge all those lists and create a new one for sending so you don't have to merge lists manually, mailwizz will do it for you.