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Ray Roman

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When a customer creates a list they enter the company details. Since my customer base will be USA based only I want to remove the "Zone" field and change the label "Zone name" to "State".

is there somewhere in the back end to do this? If not can I edit a PHP file? I assume if I edit a file it might get overwritten on the next update. Can a hook be used for what I need to do? Screenshot attached.

Thank in advance for your help.

PS; Initially posted in the wrong forum subject.


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Why not simply hide it from css ?
Create a file named style-custom.css in /customer/assets/css and mailwizz will automatically load it and it's safe at upgrades. Then simply use css and hide the input field.
You can also create a file called app-custom.js in /customers/assets/js in case you need to sprinkle some javascript.
Duh, I do that all the time in WordPress didn't even think to do it with this. Thanks very much.

Any advice on changing the label "Zone" To State"?