Clicks and Opens


This system is great. Thanks for your hard work to date.

I do however have a couple of questions:

1. If i send out a campaign, and the subscriber clicks on a link, it increments and captures the link click, but does not count the email as opened? Is there a bug possibly here, or a setting i need to enable possibly?

The second part to this questions is: With outlook it seems that the email is only counted as opened if you "click to download pictures". Is this common and is there a way we can capture more opens?

2. Say i have 40 customer sending from different server environments, and on a particular day someone sends to a server that hard bounces the email as it (the server) is, for example, offline. Surely it doesn't make sense that all my other customers need to suffer? Is there a way to separate out their blacklists? . You have answered this is a previous topic, however i was wondering if there was any scheduled plans to build this functionality in.


1- An open is an open while a click is a click. There's no reason to invoke opens while you get clicks, this would be a terrible performance issue. Instead, opens are measured using a tracking pixed, hidden, so you need to enable image downloading if you want to get the open tracked. This is something done by every app of this type, nothing new to mailwizz.

2. There's a difference between a server being offline and email bounced because of that, and an email that bounced because the end recipient does not exists or the like, that is, is a hard bounce. As i said, mailwizz usually knows when an email address has to be blacklisted and when not and if it fails, then we can make it learn new patterns to give less false positives.
So to answer your question, your other customers should not suffer from a bad client, emphasis on the "should not" part. If they do, it just means we have more work to do related to how we treat rejections (and we did lots of work in the dev version)


on question 1: Surely if someone clicks a link within the email we then know they have opened it? In other words a click is a click and a unique open if they haven't already opened it?
@Spiro - Ok, i think it makes sense what you say even if we have to trade-off some performance in this area, therefore from next version, when someone clicks a tracking link and no open was recorded to the moment, then a open record will be added.