clicks and opens stats



i have noticed a strange stats behaviour the stats for opens and clicks updates only during 3-5 hours after campaign has been sent
, but the bounce status updates constantly.
what could possibly be the cause of this ?

thanks in advance


thank you for your response

That's how bounces work, it's not uncommon to get bounces after 3 days since you sent your campaign.
yes , but the main question is not about bounce emails , but open and click stats? why it's stops updating ?


no i mean the actual stats , open and click stat was updating only during few hours , then stopped and the bounce was still updating i have made a screen just to capture the numbers . please correct me if i am wrong usually stats , similar to bounce update during whole period . I have some campaigns on mailchimp with subscribers open emails and click only in few days and the stats update accordingly .
may be i am doing something wrong?

please advise


Staff member
That's the way they suppose to work, they suppose to update with right information as the information comes in. And they do as far as we're aware.
This is why we believed earlier it is related to cache. If you click on the numbers themselves, and go to the details page, do you see other numbers there?