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Hi guys,

I enabled extension, upgraded it etc, did all as advised on forum posts. But still it is not showing on customer side when building new email campaigns.

Any other place where i can start looking ?
You could look in the page source for the ckeditor.js file and load it in browser to make sure it has been properly copied.
You can also PM me with backend info to backend and i can look into this.
Yes this, and i see it's published just fine.
Any errors in the console of the browser? (Press F12 or right click on page and inspect element and open the Console tab and look inside)
Hi, noticed one thing, CKeditor loads, but filemanager is not showing at all, or am i missing something?
Filemanager is on for users and customers on backend


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When you say it doesn't load, you get a white page or what happens exactly?
Copy the filemanager url, then paste it in a new browser tab and hard reload it, maybe it's a browser cache issue.

What you mean by filemanager url, never saw that. I thought filemanager is just another toolbar in CKeditor view.
I think it works now, did multiple reload and cache cleaning. I think it was browser issue as always.