CKeditor image upload: Invalid backend response


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I'm at 1.3.6.x

I can not upload images. Clicking in the ckeditor to insert an image works, but then going to the server to upload fails. The popup window opens. But it says: Error: Invalid Backend Response.

I have deleted all cache and uploaded the ckeditor files again. Still the error persists.

What to do?
@POS - I think this is related to ELFinder(the file manager) rather than ckeditor.
Can you copy the Filemanager url from the browser address bar (from the popup) and paste it into a new window then open the developers tool menu from your browser (press F12 or right click on the page and select Inspect/Inspect Element) then finally from the DeveloperTools select the Console tab and keep it open. Then upload the file and when it errors out, look in the console and see if you spot any error.

If the above is too much(i believe it is) then send me the login url and credentials to your app backend, together with FTP info and i'll look into it.
I opened this in a new window:

No errors. BUT I never see the upload button. It fails before that.
I'll send you an email :)
He wrote that the issue was because of: "Some small issues with the elfinder library, improper code that would trigger some PHP errors"
Ask @twisted1919 , as he knows what he did to fix it. :)
i have the last version 6.2 and i get same issue
Impossible to open folder "default folder"
Folder not found
u can help me?
@Niko - Unzip and put resulted folder in apps/common/extensions to override existing one.


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