changing URL structure.


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Hello guy, It been a while, Hope you all doing alright. :)

I wanted to ask if it would be possible to change mailwizz Unsubscribe, Tracking structure.

this is the original:

Would it be possible to change the URL structure? like:

Basically change:
list = l
unsubscribe = u
unsubscribe-direct = ud

Or completely hide them to leave a URL like this:

The same principle goes for the tracking URLs structure (Clicks and Tracking Open)

Would it be possible to achieve this using apache/nginx config? or some coding required?

Looking to hear your inputs
hi, i think it is impossible or changing a lot in the core code needed and a lot of test needed, i see the core code, these urls created manually by attaching different parts of url in some parts of app and Urls in Yii manage by component which called urlManager and it is not possible to change Urls Yii pattern by htaccess in the Apache.
Thank @majid1f for the input - you have any suggestion to change the url structure?
Mr @twisted1919 I hate bringing you to those convo. but... is it possible to change the url structure of the tracking link (click, open) and the unsubscribe link?
@sendizo - while there is possible to change some of them, as @majid1f says, it's nearly impossible to be able to change these properly because some of them are hard-coded in the app.
Hmm i see thanks Mr @twisted1919, is it possible to unsubscribe users via API, what about tracking open, click via API? is that possible?
Much appreciated.