changing outgoing server hourly rate mid way through campaign


I was sending a broadcast to about 15k emails using a mandrill as the outgoing server.

I had it set to 500 emails per a hour and then realized I can actually send 11k emails per a hour.

So I paused my campaign and updated the mandrill server so that it would send out 10k emails per a hour. Its been about 2 hours now and its still sending out based on the previous 500 per a hour..

Is this because the campaign was already initiated when it was set to send 500 per a hour?

anything I can do to solve this?
@Ahmed - No, hourly quota is taken into consideration as it's changed.
Can you try duplicating this delivery server then edit it to 11k/hr then disable the other one and enable this one and see if you get same results?
ok just to confirm

first I will pause the campaign

then I will login to the backend server and disable the outgoing mail server

then I will duplicate it and change the hourly rate to 11k

then will will play the paused campaign again

anything Im missing before I do it?
yup it seems to be sending 100 every 15 mins - thats less then 500 per a hour..

So what else can I do or try to get this to send the right amount of emails per a hour?
have i entered 10k correctly? Image attached?

Im guessing the every 15 mins is where the cron kicks in to send the emails - is there any other setting that tells it how many emails to send?


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Ok i just looked at the cron tasks and it looks like its processing 100 subscribers at a time.. Should I change this ? Image attached


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ok it seems to be sending 100 emails every 15 minutes
This is because:
1) Your backend > settings > cron subscribers at once is set to 100
2) Your hosting automatically moved your cron jobs to run once at 15 minutes because you are on shared hosting.

You can try 500 subscribers at once(but be careful to not block your account for too much resource usage) or you can try getting a proper hosting.
thanks - yes I will certainly be getting a better hosting - I actually have 2 dedicated servers but they are windows running plesk - From what I remember then mailwizz is not suited for windows servers ?

I will try to turn it up to 200 and see what happens
Just for the record, changing your delivery IP during the send of an outgoing campaign will get you listed on the SpamHaus CSS range as you are spreading your mailing over multiple IP addresses. This is a VERY bad idea !!!