Changelog 2.1.9

The Changelog file is located in the web root, or you can simply view it in the Backend of your application here: Miscellaneous->Changelog.
The latest update said something about changing to dark mode via a top-right switch/option/something. Sadly there is no such thing and the message has since gone away. I can see the slicker style (thanks!), but nothing on the top right that I could apply further changes to.
Please try to clear cache and hard reload your browser page.

Try to clear your browser caches, that should help.
Done exactly that twice now in Chrome
tried Edge (had never logged into MailWizz before on that one)
Firefox (same as above)
No luck.

It says version 2.1.9, but it looks like the old MW.
Sorry if I'm stupid.

I run with 2.1.3 and before update to 2.1.9 I want to know what are the changes...
Can anyone help me to understand what I need to see the changelog up to my installed version and not the following ones (like 2.1.9) that I need?


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Does anyone know how I could FORCE dark mode for every customer and their login page?
create a file called init-custom.php in the /apps/ folder and put this in it:
    hooks()->addFilter('body_classes', function(array $bodyClasses = []){
        $bodyClasses[] = 'dark';
        return $bodyClasses;
Not tested, but should work...