"Change subscriber custom field value upon campaign sent" - pick list only shows some custom fields

p. bateman

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In my list I have 8 custom fields but the pick list in the campaign setup only displays 3 options to choose from. See screenshot.

Why is this and how can I get access to all 8 of my custom fields?



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Hi @twisted1919 !

I am running 1.5.7.

And you're right: upon testing it seems that the drop-down selector is only allowing me to choose from text and datetime field types. Bummer, but I can make that work. I'll reconfigure my custom fields from radiobuttons to text.

Thanks for your explanation and +1 vote for a future release where any list field type can be updated from a campaign. In the event the user sets a campaign to auto-update a field with value not permitted per the list field setup (eg a non-existent radiobuttons value) those should just fail to update.