Change SPF to Customers

Michael Wilding

Active Member

I've got the SPF message for customers when they verify their domain, but the domain in the SPF record is now wrong due to changes that have been made. Where do I change that?

@Michael Wilding - Have you tried to go in backend > settings > system urls and click to regenerate urls?
Mailwizz detects the SPF records based on your app current URL. Note that the SPF records from mailwizz are informative only and you should use a tool like for best results.
and where do you use this old domain, because it has to be part of either the app somwhow, or a mx record for one of the domains.
It was an old delivery server, still have it as Inactive but can delete. There are no references to it in the DNS anymore as I removed them.
Then i have no idea, are you sure you haven't set the default SPF records from /backend/index.php/settings/spf-dkim ? Because if you did, mailwizz skips generating and uses that...