Change server to Digital Ocean Droplet

Yas King

New Member
Hi Guys,

i just wanted to know what is the best practice on moving my MailWizz installation on cpanel hosted server to Digital Ocean Droplet without the loss of data.

i have found this article in the kb to install prerequisites not really sure!

How should i migrate the customers and campaigns.

should i start fresh installation, and then move, or zip the current and move.

has anyone gone through the change to digital ocean that can guide me.

or is there a hosting that is cheap like digital ocean and easier, i'm open to suggestions.

Thank you,
Hello Yas King,

In Digital Ocean first setup your domain with hosting path.

From Old server - zip your MW folder and also take backup of sql with zip option.

In Digital Ocean - domain root folder - just extract your MW zip folder.

Import your sql into this server.

In config file - change db details.

Remove Cache folder.

And it will start.
Hi Vpul,

So do i run the command from kb, and how do i setup email system for transactions on MW.

Because in cPanel it just add email and password and you put them in.

The droplet does not have smtp system how do i configure that or is there a package like VestaCP or any ISP Config.

Thank you
Hello Yas,
In Cpanel you get everything ready and this VPS is not built yet. You have to setup it.

There is free linux panel :

After install you can manage easily.