change "quota" not effective,something cache somewhere?


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my customer create campaign but received a message “reached quota”:
I did set sending parameter 100mail per hour , but i have changed the quota and sending, seems it is not effective,it's still stop sending until it reaches 100 per hour。(when i reset sending quota ,it's worked again)my customer is added to a group , the setting of group now(hourly enough):

I'm confused. I don't know how to confirm that my new parameters are effective. I need to determine which parameters are set.
There are multiple types of quotas. There are the quotas on your delivery server, those apply strictly to the delivery servers and how much a delivery server can send. Then there is the quota you can set as shown in your above screenshot, when you can decide how many emails to send in what period of time and what happens when that quota is reached. In this case, this quota is best used for when you have customers and you have plans for them, like 100k emails/month, 1M emails/month, etc, so it is better used for longer periods of time. The hourly quota here works in the same manner as the quotas on delivery servers, once reached, customer won't be able to send emails.