Change of Delivery Servers


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I have a couple of delivery servers set up in my backend with different email addresses.

At a customer level, it was automatically switching delivery servers, and thus changing the FROM address.

Upon an immediate search I discovered 'Change server at*" in the CRON page of SETTINGS. I changed this from 200 to 0.

Another 200 emails later it changed again!

I dug deeper and found 'Change server at*" in the Settings > Customers > Campaigns page. I also changed this from 200 to 0.

Just again now it changed the delivery server and FROM email address again after what seems to be 200 emails.

Is there another setting to change, or something that needs to happen in the backend? For now I've just disabled the second server, but I don't want to have to enable / disable / enable / disable every time I need to send a campaign from a different server.

Any input would be appreciated!
@drkzndl - Your customer make part of a group? If it is in a group check this: Backend > Customers > Groups > Campaigns > Change server at make it 0 and check again. All settings from group will overwrite the other settings.