Change Favicon

Just replace it with yours. Look inside main document root, then in /customer in /backend and in /frontend
@daris If you uploaded and activated a frontend theme (e.g. Landon), be sure to upload the new favicon in that folder too:

In addition to changing favicon, how do I modify the text that is displayed in the browser tab? Currently it displays "MailWizz | page name".

Is there a specific file where said favicon would be linked with html or php? The odd thing is that even with the favicon placed where applicable (as mentioned above) I don't see it in the browser tab or anything like that.
No specific file, the browser will request it from the root of the folder where the request is being made, i.e: /backend or /customer or /frontend folder.
Understood and thank you for your quick response. However, there is a favicon.ico file in the following locations:


and no favicon loads in the I'm not sure how to go about fixing this.
I am pretty sure it's a cache issue, try with other browser as well after clearing their caches.
That's what I figured it was as well...

typing the actual path to the favicon in the browser's search bar shows that the correct favicon is there...but clearing my browser's cache and checking in different browsers doesn't seem to matter (I've also checked on other computer's browsers that haven't been to this link yet). Nadda :mad:
Thank you for the link. Unfortunately that didn't work either.

The only thing I can conclude at this point is that it's a server cache issue rather than a local cache issue. I'll have to have the appropriate party clear the server cache if possible and see if that solves it.

Thank you for your responses @Rob and @twisted1919