change domain


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I installed mailwizz on a subdomain like, now i found out I need a different name and i'd like to change the subdomain name. The question is: i can do it or there is some "path" written in the DB keeping track of the current subdomain name that can cause a crash?
Hi Frank,

If you have just installed and not have such data into that, then better you install a fresh copy on your new domain name.
@Frank - Just an FYI, if you decide to change the domain name, just do it, mailwizz should be able to automatically detect that you did this and take proper actions to make sure it works.
@frm.mwz - this is a good point. however, mailwizz should be able to detect domain name change and regenerate those too ;)
When I recently helped someone w a mwz install/migration/setup, it did not work until that regeneration was done, for an alpha url change as well as for a numeric to alpha url change, in both cases. Perhaps somehow useful to know.
thanks guys, since i didn't start import any data i made a fresh install, just lost some backend configs..;)