Change delimiters



When you import a CVS file into a list, the delimiter must be a comma ( , ). In Spain we use semicolon ( ; ) for that purpose.

Can we change the delimiter character in the backend?.
Where in the code should be the delimiter, so we can change it?.

Thanks in advance.
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Would be great, though not a top priority, if one could choose the delimiter, and perhaps the importer could do a file scan to see for problems and which delimiter is present?
Yes, I agree for the standard cases...though taking into account, that computers/files can be stranger than fiction...manual control seems essential. If it detects the delimiter, could it display it in a field (where one could change it, similar to excel)? As some files may have lots of apostrophes and enclose some records with them too, others with quotation marks, and before some users check, their lists/databases will be garbage that takes a long time to sort out...just trying to prevent from such...your call ;)