CDN is not working for email assets..v.

pradeep sharma

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Dear @twisted1919

We tested out the latest version and i found that CDN is not working for email assets.
also the FONTs are not loading..i have also implemented CORS entry in .thaccesses file.

Plz help


CDN only works for website assets, that's all, it's not meant for email asstes.
As for the fonts, with proper .htaccess rules it should work jsut fine, if the rules don't do it, contact the CDN support for help ;)


I tested CDN and it is working fine whn we upload and new HTML templates. and all URLs are converted to CDN URL in below format


and when we send the campaigns and Assest are not loading in email client like GMAIL etc due to src="// instead of src="

Can we make it possible to change it to http:// or https:// instead of default // in src tags...
it would be good if we can give a drop down settings in cdn Setting Option so that user can choose as per there our requirement.
i request this option in next release as it would not affect Mailwizz core much but It well help to others users of mailwizz as well.