CDN Eabled, but URLs are not updated

Chris Falkenstein

New Member
Hello. I enabled my CDN from the backend, but it's not changing the URLs to my email assets. Enabling the CDN was pretty straight forward so I'm not sure how I got it wrong. I tried a few things... I created a new campaign after enabling the CDN, but that didn't work. The CDN is up and running just fine. The URLs in the emails just aren't being changed. Please advise.
Whoa...then why the heck is there a "use for email assets" option?

Backend > settings > cdn

What is that option for? I have it set to yes. Please advise
Good point, apparently i forgot about that option :p
Can you try to upload a template with images and see if it moves the assets to cdn when you do this?
Yes. I see that does work. If I upload a template the URLs are changed, but if I replace or add a new photo using that email template those URLs are not changed to the CDN path.

If there's an option to use the CDN for email assets it should cover all cases. Customers are going to upload email templates and most likely switch up photos. They will also, and perhaps more likely, create new templates from scratch using the WYSIWYG editor or the builder. At present it seems like the CDN feature is not complete. The only way you can use a CDN is if you manually update the URLs or upload a email template that's doesn't need any further edits.

A CDN for MailWizz is very important in my opinion being that its a self-hosted solution. When you send out a campaign your server's going to get slammed with requests for assets. Using a CDN is simple solution to this potential performance hit. MW should make it simple to use a CDN. It seems like it's almost there, but not quite yet.