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I have a few signup forms embedded across a couple of websites in various formats. Any way I can track which form's URL has been used with each individual signup which feeds through to custom field? Is there a hidden tag/field I can add to the form?

Apologies if I've missed the obvious.

Another reason I'd like to track this: I'm getting quite a lot of signup spam (users who never confirm their subscription and always complete the form with odd naming conventions). I know this is nothing to be too concerned about and I have unconfirmed signup requests remove themselves after 2 weeks. But I'd love to know which particular form they are coming in from.
Is there a hidden tag/field I can add to the form?
You can simply create a custom field, called SITE_SOURCE for example, and make it a hidden field. Then in your form, simply pre-populate it with the right value, like,, etc. Then when the form is submitted, that value is sent to mailwizz.
Sorry to be a numpty, @twisted1919.
Can you give me one more sentence to make this slightly clearer?
How would I add the field and how can I make it pre-populate?
Also found a solution for dynamic URL processing, in case the form is used in a widget that appears on multiple pages (i.e. sidebar, footer):

<input placeholder="" style="visibility:hidden;display:none" type="text" value="nw-web-widget" name="ORIGIN" id="ORIGIN"/>
<script type="text/javascript">
document.getElementById('ORIGIN').value=window.location.href ;
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