Can't send test email when delivery server selected


Hello all,
When I try to send a test email when the campaign has a specific delivery server selected (in the campaign's setup page > campaign delivery servers), I get the error "Email delivery is temporary disabled." This applies to either of the two delivery server options that I have configured. However, I can still send the campaign successfully. If I deselect all delivery servers, I can send the test email successfully. Mailwizz 1.7.2. How can I fix this?
@twisted1919 I believe I'm good with all of those, as I mentioned that emails send fine for the campaign itself. It's just the test emails that are having an issue, and it's only when any specific delivery server is selected. Those same delivery servers work fine when sending the live campaign emails. Do you have any other tips?
@007 - unfortunately i have no clue as to why that might happen, it has to be related to sending settings somehow, so if you wish, open a ticket with backend url and access and tell me the problematic server and i can take a look.