Can't purchase plan if you reach the exact list/subscribers limit


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Hi @twisted1919
if a group has a list limit set to (example) 30 lists, and the user aready has 30 lists in his account, he can't purchcase the plan (using the monetization system) because the Mailwizz will give the error message:
"Selected price plan allows 30 lists but you already have 30, therefore you cannot buy the plan!"

Same goes with the subscribers, if a client already has 50.000 subscribers and he wants to buy a plan that has a limit of exactly 50.000, the system won't allow the user to buy the plan.

Is this by design? Shouldn't be more logical to let the user buy any plan as long as he's within the limit (even if he has exactly the limit amount of lists/subscribers), and block him only if he already exceeded that number?
@Niko - It makes sense, looking in the code i see that check has been added in so most likely someone had something to complain about thus the check has been added.
In this case, customer should buy a plan that covers his needs better, a bigger plan.