Can't login to Backend


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Hi got an issue, when i go to backend page
I get a blank page with just the banner at top "Admin Area" but the rest of the page is blank. No login dialog or anything

link that i am going to /backend/index.php/guest/index

please help.
Hey, I just now purchased Mailwizz and install on my server but i can't log in. i can't reset my password also.

Please help as soon as possible
My issue is cannot log in my password is not reset. I am not getting reset mail from the registered email. I have attached the screenshot you may look at them it may help you.

Waiting for your Reply.

Rishab Sharma


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how to locate mailwizz database in phpMyAdmin?
you can open apps/common/config/main-custom.php and there are a connectionString where are indicated your database , also you can see in this file the user and the password for the database.