Can't Create Delivery Server


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Okay, so I battled through the virtually entire lack of documentation enough to get MailWizz installed. I discovered after a lot of leafing through poorly organised information split between the forum and the knowledge base that there is a backend and a front end. I managed to guess my login to the backend and get in there. Now I'm trying to set up a delivery server as that seems like a logical first step. But the "Create New Server" button doesn't do anything. Nothing.

I can click it, double click it, swear at it, nothing happens. I've tried filling in the blank boxes on that page (guessing at their intended purpose because, you know, no documentation), and then clicking — nothing. Tried clicking without filling them in. Nothing.

What am I missing? I've tried two different browsers, but the same lack of action occurs in each. No adblockers, content blockers, firewalls or other connnection interrupters are in the way. I might as well click an empty space next to the button...
Looks to me that "javascript" is disabled on your browser (may be on both). Check that on settings, enable if disabled, do a fresh reload of the page and try again. Let's know how it goes.
Hmm.. Not sure then.. I faced such issues when I had javascript disabled in the past, so wanted you to double confirm.
For what it's worth, the hamburger menu, mail icon, and username drop down at the top of the screen don't work either. Nor does the Import button on the Add Delivery Server screen, although the Export button does work. Same on the customer site - one of the top line buttons work.

I've tried two computers, same result.
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Still waiting for a fix. I can't even create a support ticket for this as the support area just redirects me here. I need this working today. If MailWizz won't work, then I'll have to get a refund and use something that will. I've already lost a day's work.
@blahblah - we don't work weekends thus the slow reply and the issues you describe here are related to your browser since no one has issues but you. I can tell you for sure the app works and there's no such issue like the ones you described.
Everyone can open support tickets but you, this should raise some questions about your environment.
Let me know if you still need help with this or not, otherwise i will just refund you since i can't waste time with issues caused by your environment.
Seriously? Did you even read my ticket? I've now tried five browsers across three different computers and three different operating systems on two different internet connection. Of course it's not my environment.

As to the support tickets, when I go to your site there's a banner that says (words to the effect of) don't open a ticket because you're closing the support area, use the forum instead. That's not my environment, mate, that's your own website.

Honestly, please just refund me. Your script might be amazing, but with no proper documentation (even the licence page says "coming soon" so I can't even see what the licence conditions are), no proper support, and stroppy responses that suggest you didn't even read the description of the problem before eventually replying, I'm never going to find out.

Please just refund me so we can both move on.