Cannot verify server (Amazon SES API)

I have purchased and install MW on a VPS. When adding Amazon SES server, and try to validate the server, I've got a response saying that the e-mail (FROM) is invalid (Must be a veriried email address or domain).

From AWS SES dashboard, I am so sure that the domain had been verified, but I don't understand why the sending is rejected.

1. What could be the cause of problem?
2. I enter "" as Hostname, is this correct?

Thank you,
This could happen if you have verified your email address for a certain zone but you try to use another zone in mailwizz. So have a look in your amazon dashboard, in the right upper corner, what zone are you into ?
I have verified with both US-East and US-West. I was sending a test e-mail to AWS sandbox's address i.e.

This shows that the domain ( has been verified for west server.

This shows that the domain has been verified for east server.

This is error message.

This is setting for the Amazon SES west server.
It looks correct from what i can see. Can you also please try to set "Force FROM" to never and see if that makes any difference ?
If not, open a support ticket with mailwizz url and access and aws access so i can take a look.
Was there any update on that matter? i am facing exactly the same problem, but internet does not provide any help.
sending from verified domain AND verified email is ok within MW
sending from verified domain AND NOT verified emails gives the following error:
<Message>Identity XXXXXX@XXXXX.XX is invalid. Must be a verified email address or domain.</Message>

PS. Within amazon ses, under Identity managment, domains menu, clicking "Send a Test Email" sends both email succesfully regardless the email being verified or not (see above example).