Cannot set up Mailgun with Mailwizz


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Hi there,

Was trying to connect Mailgun to Mailwizz and it says "Wrong Credentials" when about to validate the server. The credentials are completely correct as I'm using the same account + credentials in another software.

Does anybody know where I missed? :(

PS. Also tried with Sendgrid and no success.

Jim Maher

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I'm running into same problem with MailGun. I tried a few different approaches but no luck verifying. No problem setting up SenGrid though.

Jim Maher

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As I said or should have said, I nothing is wrong with Mailwiz. I sent three images via e-mail to you (did not want to share in forum) and I cannot get it to work. I went through the forum, went over the Mailgun SMTP instructions on their site and I'm missing something. So I'm looking for help based on the images I sent via e-mail (just bought MailWiz and I'm covered by the support help). Images sent to support not laurentiu


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@Jim Maher - I had @ghimes write a step by step tutorial for mailgun. Once that's done, we're going to point you in the right direction so you can follow it step by step.
We know for sure mailgun works without issues, so i think it's just some configuration on your end which doesn't click yet.

Jim Maher

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Thanks. Like I said above I know MailWiz & MailGun are working, It's me. Something I'm doing is not clicking in the connecting process. Mailwiz is working and we are in process of moving our list over.


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I will take care of the tutorial tomorrow.
Just wanted to ask you, what Mailwizz version are you using?


Jim Maher

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HI, Just purchased Mailwiz on 11/26/2019
and Using Version mailwizz-1.8.9

Regular License
6 months support (expires on 27 May 2020)

Jim Maher

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HI Cosmin,
Have you had a chance to finish the MailGun Tutorial? If you could send me the link I would appreciate it