Can you add to a subscriber list?


Once you have created a subscriber list, is there a way to add to it after you have already created it.

Add what exactly, subscribers? Sure, just go to the list overview and see your available options. Make sure you do this from customer area not backend.
Ok so if I go to the specific list, and click it where exactly do I go to add more subscribers to this existing list? I am in the customer section
Ahh I think I found it, go to overview and then hit create new. I thought that meant to create a whole new list.
Ok , ya I have seen these videos. I just haven’t seen where after you have created a subscribers list, that you can go back into that same list and add more emails to that list. I thought once you created and saved it, you couldn’t add to it again. Glad to see you can though. Honestly I don’t think they talk about that anywhere unless I missed it. Thank you