Can Some one help and share a setting send speed


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I want to send 50k messages in 4 hours
But mailwizz always sending 10k only can some one share the right setting for it please
Im using 12 SMTP's to send 50k in 4 hours
If I get it right, you want to send 50K mails per 4 hours, that means 12.5 K per hour. In my case it allows me to set 12500 mails per hour into the max sending quota per hour field ... Maybe it's because you use smtp. In that case I would recommend using some service like MailGun because SMTP is reliable but I don't think 12.5K per hour is a good idea ...

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@twisted1919 i checked the cron jobs it was cron problem please can you help me with the speed, i've read the articles still i didnt understand how the speed system works i want to send 50k messages in 4-5 hours im using 12 smtps, but now my speed settings send only 25k in 10-12 hours i tried many settings and the same result always :/
Hello @twisted1919 Is there any limits for Sending Emails.?

Let's say, I have 10 Clients with 10K emails per hour requirement (each). What type of setup do I need to handle with MailWizz.? Server setup/resources Recommendation, please.